ChemMark Services

Dishwashing Machines
Leasing a dishwashing machine from Chem Mark will provide you with complete ware-washing satisfaction. We keep an inventory of several types of dishwashers; single or double rack, undercounter, and conveyors.

Specialty Products
Chem Mark offers a complete line of industrial kitchen, laundry, and bathroom cleaning supplies as well as air freshener sprays. With the purchase of our specialty products, Chem Mark will supply you with the metered dispensing equipment at no extra charge.

Stainless Steel
One of the benefits of using Chem Mark is that we will design and supply your entire dish-washing area. We offer pre-rinse units, stainless steel dish tables, and three compartment sinks. You can purchase these items new or used.

Water Softners
In some areas it is difficult to control hard water. Problems that occur with hard water include spots on your dishes, lime scale in your ice machine, and other appliances such as water heaters, steam tables, coffee and tea machines, etc. Chem Mark leases water softeners for the primary purpose of improving your ware-washing results, but the benefits you will receive extend much further.

Grease Trap Service
Chem Mark offers a grease trap and Enzyme service along with Hydro jetting. Please contact your Chem Mark service representative for additional information.